Let’s talk about Self-Care

Self-care has a lot of different meanings; fitness, time for you, skin-care, nutrition. I’m going to talk from a sewing point of view. Having a business that is built around what I enjoy sometimes can cause a lot of guilt and procrastination.

Take this quilt for example. I completed all of the blocks for this Sweet Escape quilt February 29th. Here it is, August 31st and the top still isn’t complete. It took joining a mentoring group hosted by Maddie Kertay from Bad Ass Quilter’s Society to help me figure out balance.

I would spend so much time beating myself up because I wasn’t getting my own quilts complete, I didn’t get all the volunteer quilting complete that I wanted to, I didn’t get the masks for my Mom and Dad finished; but I did get my clients work finished!

One of the first things that Maddie asked us was how we organized things. I realized I either organized things to the point I had 12 hour days (of which as a Mom with lots of other responsibilities I never finished) or I didn’t organize anything. Someone mentioned the Kanban Method and I was hooked! (See above) I am a super visual person, so having this in sight to see what I need to do makes my little heart go pitter pat.

All that being said … I am building “Self-care Sewing” days into my schedule! This makes me so happy and much more productive.

This weekend was ALL ABOUT MY PROJECTS! Let’s see how I did …

I got a block for my Christmas quilt finished. But I don’t have room on my design wall, so this happened …

I have trimmed and sewn the top three rows of my Sweet Escape quilt top! Since I am allowing myself to have some self-care days, I am not having any issues with getting my work done today 🙂

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