Dani’s Hazel Hedgehog

I cannot tell you how excited I was when Dani called me and asked me to quilt her Hazel Hedgehog quilt. Dani requested that I use the panto “Belly Bop” on her quilt to help soften some of the points on the quilt.

Buy before I started the quilting, the first thing I did was choose my favorite Hazel. And let me tell you, that was quite the chore as the fabric choices of Dani were perfect.

I loved this one, because Hazel looks like she has flowers in her “hair.”

Then I thought it was this Hazel because with all those circles she looks like she is playing with bubbles. My dogs LOVE to play with bubbles, so I thought for sure it would be this Hazel.

Then I found this Hazel. I can’t tell you why she is my favorite … but this Hazel does it for me.

Dani also had me bind her quilt. I used to HATE doing the binding. Gotta tell you though, do enough bindings, and it is much easier and I don’t dread them like I used to. I finally had to send Hazel home with Dani as it was a present. Don’t think I didn’t try to figure out how to keep her 🙂 There is definitely a Hazel quilt in my future!

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