Sweet Escape – A Finish!

Sweet Escape quilt top on front lawn.  Created from Navy, Light Blue, Gray and White.

This is probably one of the most anticipated quilting finishes that I have ever had! It started as a Thimbleblossom quilt-a-long in March 2019. Then I had foot surgery and things just took a while as I lost my momentum.

Fabrics and Pattern

This was my first pull for fabrics. The navy with snow flakes didn’t make the cut and ended up using another navy with a thin white pattern in it. I also added some low-volume blues to alternate in with the navy.

Quilt blocks on design wall

I finally got going on the quilt blocks, then it stalled again. The quilt probably got stuck in this state for three or four months. Then when I finished all the quilt blocks, I probably sat with them on the design wall for close to a year.

Here are the rows starting to go together. I am somewhat of a perfectionist, so I got VERY frustrated while making this quilt. Let’s call it a huge learning lesson. The cutting of the fabrics didn’t go as well as I planned. I have never made a quilt with this many small pieces and the slightest error makes a huge difference. Then I starched the heck out of them and IRONED as opposed to pressing the pieces and that distorted them. Add in all the rows of the log cabin and my completed blocks were NOT great.

Because of all those things, trimming had to happen. Instead of the quilt being 80 x 80 it ended up 76 x 76. I am using it as a couch throw, so this size is PERFECT!

I quilted it using Modern Twist for the pattern, and backed it in Cuddle Fabric in Navy. Let me know if you see it or if it is just me, but it looks like the navy backing might have faded through a little bit. Maybe I should have used a bright white batting instead of the Hobbs 80/20.

I am learning to embrace the comfort this quilt brings me instead of focusing on the things that didn’t go right. For example, I used Chenille It! for the binding. The “fluffing” that should have happened in the washer and the dryer didn’t happen. It will happen, in time. Now I have something to play with while I sit and watch tv.

This will definitely not be my last Sweet Escape quilt. I just need to catch up on all my works in progress and figure out what type of color way I want to use next time.

Happy Quilting!

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