Sweet Escape – A Finish!

Sweet Escape quilt top on front lawn.  Created from Navy, Light Blue, Gray and White.

This is probably one of the most anticipated quilting finishes that I have ever had! It started as a Thimbleblossom quilt-a-long in March 2019. Then I had foot surgery and things just took a while as I lost my momentum.

Fabrics and Pattern

This was my first pull for fabrics. The navy with snow flakes didn’t make the cut and ended up using another navy with a thin white pattern in it. I also added some low-volume blues to alternate in with the navy.

Quilt blocks on design wall

I finally got going on the quilt blocks, then it stalled again. The quilt probably got stuck in this state for three or four months. Then when I finished all the quilt blocks, I probably sat with them on the design wall for close to a year.

Here are the rows starting to go together. I am somewhat of a perfectionist, so I got VERY frustrated while making this quilt. Let’s call it a huge learning lesson. The cutting of the fabrics didn’t go as well as I planned. I have never made a quilt with this many small pieces and the slightest error makes a huge difference. Then I starched the heck out of them and IRONED as opposed to pressing the pieces and that distorted them. Add in all the rows of the log cabin and my completed blocks were NOT great.

Because of all those things, trimming had to happen. Instead of the quilt being 80 x 80 it ended up 76 x 76. I am using it as a couch throw, so this size is PERFECT!

I quilted it using Modern Twist for the pattern, and backed it in Cuddle Fabric in Navy. Let me know if you see it or if it is just me, but it looks like the navy backing might have faded through a little bit. Maybe I should have used a bright white batting instead of the Hobbs 80/20.

I am learning to embrace the comfort this quilt brings me instead of focusing on the things that didn’t go right. For example, I used Chenille It! for the binding. The “fluffing” that should have happened in the washer and the dryer didn’t happen. It will happen, in time. Now I have something to play with while I sit and watch tv.

This will definitely not be my last Sweet Escape quilt. I just need to catch up on all my works in progress and figure out what type of color way I want to use next time.

Happy Quilting!

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Jill’s Christmas Trees

I was so excited to receive a call from Jill asking if I had the bandwidth to help her out with a couple of table runners. Of course I could! But, we needed a quick turn around on these. Jill decided to use her table runners as wall hangings, and also use a couple as gifts! And as always, Jill’s work made quilting these easy, which was great as we were on a short timeline.

Jill's large table runner before quilting.

Jill chose Christmas Doodles – Trees for the pantograph. (Purchased from my favorite place for digital downloads, Urban Elementz.) I used Glide’s 40 wt Mossy thread for both the front and back of the quilt. As always, my Quilt Path computerized quilting system allows me to create such beautiful quilts for my clients

Jill's table runners, complete with the binding.  Showing the pantograph used, Doodles - Trees

There were three Christmas trees in total. One large one for her family, and the other two were gifts. Jill decided to turn these table runners into Advent Calendars.

All Three of Jill's quilts

Jill used buttons as hangers for ornaments she made specific to the person receiving the gift. After all, what Christmas tree doesn’t need ornaments!

Small table runner to show the use of the buttons for the advent calendar

All of our parents wish their kids would call and check in more. I know that we do with our two older kids. Jill’s mother is no different. Jill made the Advent Calendar as a communication tool for her mom and Jill made a deal with her siblings, nieces and nephews, and her children. Each day had a small ornament with a picture of a family member. Mom/Grandma is supposed to call one person per day of December and if Mom/Grandma calls them, they are supposed to answer or call back quickly, no matter what! This will make Jill’s mom feel better about knowing what is going on in her family’s life.

Shows completed advent calendar with the customized ornaments

My Mom will tend to not call because she thinks we are too busy, otherwise we would call. So when I shared this with my Mom, she thought it was the PERFECT present! Great job, Jill!

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Dani’s Hazel Hedgehog

I cannot tell you how excited I was when Dani called me and asked me to quilt her Hazel Hedgehog quilt. Dani requested that I use the panto “Belly Bop” on her quilt to help soften some of the points on the quilt.

Buy before I started the quilting, the first thing I did was choose my favorite Hazel. And let me tell you, that was quite the chore as the fabric choices of Dani were perfect.

I loved this one, because Hazel looks like she has flowers in her “hair.”

Then I thought it was this Hazel because with all those circles she looks like she is playing with bubbles. My dogs LOVE to play with bubbles, so I thought for sure it would be this Hazel.

Then I found this Hazel. I can’t tell you why she is my favorite … but this Hazel does it for me.

Dani also had me bind her quilt. I used to HATE doing the binding. Gotta tell you though, do enough bindings, and it is much easier and I don’t dread them like I used to. I finally had to send Hazel home with Dani as it was a present. Don’t think I didn’t try to figure out how to keep her 🙂 There is definitely a Hazel quilt in my future!

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Let’s talk about Self-Care

Self-care has a lot of different meanings; fitness, time for you, skin-care, nutrition. I’m going to talk from a sewing point of view. Having a business that is built around what I enjoy sometimes can cause a lot of guilt and procrastination.

Take this quilt for example. I completed all of the blocks for this Sweet Escape quilt February 29th. Here it is, August 31st and the top still isn’t complete. It took joining a mentoring group hosted by Maddie Kertay from Bad Ass Quilter’s Society to help me figure out balance.

I would spend so much time beating myself up because I wasn’t getting my own quilts complete, I didn’t get all the volunteer quilting complete that I wanted to, I didn’t get the masks for my Mom and Dad finished; but I did get my clients work finished!

One of the first things that Maddie asked us was how we organized things. I realized I either organized things to the point I had 12 hour days (of which as a Mom with lots of other responsibilities I never finished) or I didn’t organize anything. Someone mentioned the Kanban Method and I was hooked! (See above) I am a super visual person, so having this in sight to see what I need to do makes my little heart go pitter pat.

All that being said … I am building “Self-care Sewing” days into my schedule! This makes me so happy and much more productive.

This weekend was ALL ABOUT MY PROJECTS! Let’s see how I did …

I got a block for my Christmas quilt finished. But I don’t have room on my design wall, so this happened …

I have trimmed and sewn the top three rows of my Sweet Escape quilt top! Since I am allowing myself to have some self-care days, I am not having any issues with getting my work done today 🙂

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Jill’s Quilt

It was such a pleasure to quilt Jill’s top for her! Jill was a referral from my favorite source for thread and quilt backings, Over the Top Quilting Studio. (I also purchased my APQS Lucey from them.) Jill had a short timeline to get her top back before she headed North for the summer, so Susan and Chris sent Jill to me!

I love the colors that Jill chose for her top, the blues and greens blended so well! Jill made this quilt for her niece who is about to start college.

Jill used Moda Grunge for the back. We used the Crazy Eights pantograph to soften the squares/rectangles on the top. Glide’s Marine thread was the perfect complement to the quilt.

I hated giving this quilt back, as it had just a warm and loving feeling to it. Jill loved it as well and is excited to get the binding finished and give it to her niece.

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It’s time for a Sale!

I am so excited to announce that I am having a sale! All edge to edge designs are 25% off through the end of July. Also, no thread fees for the month!

I have uploaded a lot of new designs, but if there is something that you would like and I don’t have it, just let me know. As long as it is available for purchase, I will get it for your quilt. All quilts that are mailed in will be counted as being received in July as long as it is postmarked in time.

Not included in the sale are binding services and batting. I have Hobbs 80/20 batting available so that you do not need to make another stop before dropping it off.

I love quilting for people, and look forward to working with you!

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Suzie’s Quilt

Oh my goodness, don’t you love this beauty by Suzie? Suzie knew it would be one of her favorites, before she even finished it. I love the fabrics she chose, and there were quite a variety! This is so impressive as I am not great at mixing fabrics yet.

This quilt is going on Suzie’s bed, so we wanted to soften up the angular lines of the quilt by going with a rounded quilting pattern. The Breath of the Gods has quickly become one of my favorite patterns. It has such flow to it.

We used Glide cream thread on the top, and Glide cocoa on the back. I was so excited that I was able to use two different colors without having peek-throughs on the opposite side. The first time I tried this, there were a LOT of peek-throughs.

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Finally Finished the disappearing nine patch!

My Grandsons Quilt!

I started this quilt for my oldest grandson many years ago. It was one of the very first quilts I made, and the disappearing nine patch was a pattern I knew well. (I had also made it for my daughter, and you can see it here.) Please excuse the dead grass, we live in Texas, we don’t get snow during the winter, just dead grass for a couple months!

The piecing on this quilt was finished rather quickly for a newbie. I rented time on a long-arm, was rather frustrated at the time. Frustrated as I was, I just didn’t take as much care as I should have. I tried ribbon candy in the solid rows. The person I rented time from suggested a curvy x in the large squares, so I did it because I just wanted it to be completed. When I got it home and looked at it I hated it.

It is my belief that you can’t just give a quilt to someone that is worked on with frustration. That negative energy will absorb into the quilt. I wanted to give him something filled with love, not frustration.

This quilt that was pieced with so much love just sat. No trimming and no binding. The first step was to take out the quilting on the patterned blocks. Then when I got my OWN long-arm, I decided to frog the ENTIRE quilt. That took quite some time, as it would come out and then go back into hiding.

Finally the quilt was a flimsy again. I loaded it up and away I went. The Arcade pantograph is the perfect choice for this quilt. It has some rounded edges to soften it up, but also sharp corners to echo the pattern of the quilt.

I used green flannel for the backing. Flannel is so soft and cuddly, my grandson will love it!

Let me know what you have completed! I would love to see it!

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Bee Quilting

Love and Comfort Quilting

That fabric was the inspiration for the quilting of this quilt. Recently there was an update to Quilt Path that not only gave a new interface and features, but SURPRISE! there were new patterns as well!

One of the new patterns by Jessica Schick, Baby Bees Plz, was the perfect match. Not only are the bees buzzing around, but they have the cutest expressions on their face!

Even though the front is more of a color block quilt, in the center is a bee-utiful block of flowers, and what do bees seek? Flowers!

This adorable quilt measures at 41″ square, and I think it will make the recipient very happy. I have quilted this for my guild, Main Street Quilt and Thread Guild. Project Linus and The Linus Connection are two of the organizations to which the guild contributes.

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My Quilting List!

January 20, 2020

It is that time again to see how I did last week … I’ve got to tell you, it isn’t great.

  1. Quilt three or four Love and Comfort Quilts for my quilt guild – I got three complete! I showed you two of them last Wednesday and I will show you the other this Wednesday.
  2. Go to WordPress Meeting – I did go to this meeting, but I’m not sure how much I got out of it other than my comments are now open. I did something that caused me to not be able to upload pictures so I spent several days working on that.
  3. Bind Green Quilt – Done!!! This one makes me so happy because I started this quilt at least five years ago. I will share more about this one on Friday.
  4. Buy thread and serge practice pieces to donate to Texas Humane Heroes – I will call this one half way done. The thread is purchased but the pieces are not serged, I will get that done this week.
  5. Cut out and piece a separate love & comfort quilt – I missed on this one, again. I am going to leave it on the list until it is complete! This should be a project that can be completed in one or two days, including quilting and binding.
  6. Complete five sweet escape blocks – I got a GOOD start on this, even working on eight blocks! But then I got into the website snafu and my time was eaten up.

Maybe I did a little better than I thought, but still didn’t accomplish all I wanted to. Making a list is extremely helpful, but maybe it needs to be printed out so I can see it easily all week. That being said, here is this week’s list.

  1. Quilt three love & comfort quilts – I already have these picked out! Ready to get going on this one.
  2. Serge several practice pieces for Texas Humane Heroes.
  3. Cut out and piece a Love & Comfort Quilt – This will be going to Quilty Hugs for Chemo, a bonus quilt since I signed up for one, but and extremely late getting it mailed.
  4. Finish those eight Sweet Escape blocks I was working on last week. – There are five more pieces to go on each block, but when those are finished, the quilt is 75% done!

I’m going to keep it short this week. My daughter has a swim meet Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday. Championship season keeps us busy!

Have a great and productive week!

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